Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I wrote the following blog entries as a magazine article way back in June 2005, however the magazine never got off the ground, so I figured it was time to put the article out on my own.

I've read a lot of graphic novels since I wrote this down (I've now read 16 of the top 20, plus many others), plus newer, superb, GNs could have come out since I researched this article. If you think so, then please comment! I'd love to hear about a great book that I haven't heard of so far!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive list!...

You have really read everything?... that's most impressive!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Brightons Best Pubs said...

Nope, I'm a long way from having read everything! I haven't even read everything in this top 20!

I'm looking for people to give some feedback to this (now over a year old) list with suggestions about what might be missing from it....

4:58 AM  

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