Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Top Ten Best Graphic Novels Ever

These are the Graphic Novels that got the most votes in reverse order......

10. Sin City – the comic that the new film is based on – vicious film noir
9. Maus – Pulitzer prize winning story of the holocaust, with mice & cats
8. Kingdom Come – the world is ending and superheroes try to stop it
7. Preacher – Texan ex-vicar is given the power of God and kicks arse
6. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – forget the dire film, enjoy this romp
5. From Hell – the quality graphic novel that inspired the film about the ripper
4. Sandman – Emotional complexity & story depth across a multipart series
3. V for Vendetta – Britain under a fascist regime & a vigilante freedom fighter
2. Watchmen – A grim and complex take on the absolute power of superheroes
1. Batman: Dark Knight Returns – An aging Batman returns to a dark future

I’ve got to say that this is a stunning list. I’ve read half of them and they are fabulous. All are highly recommended - you cannot lose with these.


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